What Coaching Can Do For You

What Coaching Can Do For You

  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Manage Pain
  • Handle Objections/Deal With Resistance
  • Listen Actively
  • Unblock Conflicts
  • Reframe Almost Anything/Have A Positive Attitude
  • Stack Resources For A Wider Range Of Benefits
  • Neutralize Internal Conflict
  • Learn Stress Management Tips For Home And Work
  • Incorporate Good Nutrition And Wellness Habits
  • Prioritize
  • Develop Your Self-Image Through Trance Induction
  • Converse Easily And Enjoyably With New Acquaintances
  • Build Self Esteem/Confidence

Maintain Kindness While Being Assertive

Teach yourself how to put your wants into words and enjoy doing it, knowing you're not being offensive or rude.

Comfort Yourself With Healthy Foods

Learn powerful visualization techniques you can use anytime, anywhere, to keep you safe when you encounter those powerful junk food monsters in the form of vending machines, candy counters, fast food restaurants, hot dog vendors, party buffets, workplace cafeterias, grocery stores and more. Celebrate your power to make healthy choices.

Optimize Your Approach To Decision Making

Expand your repertoire of thinking styles to eliminate regret, agonizing, and inaction. Learn how effective decision making is easy, efficient and satisfying.

Reduce Stress Immediately With I.C.S.

Make this five step procedure, The Instant Calming Sequence, an automatic response to situations or events that trigger a stress reaction.

Power Up With A Personal Exercise Strategy

Stop trying. Discover what will compel you to exercise. Personalize a unique exercise plan that will continue to keep you motivated. Start doing by remembering that motivation gets you going, but habit gets you there.

Create A Circle Of Excellence

Discover what resources are needed in various situations for you to perform at your best and design a circle of excellence to step into when you are faced with opportunities that call for excellence.

Respond Resourcefully to Criticism

Learn a technique that will allow you to comfortably and confidently respond to criticism making good use of critical feedback.

Overcome Stage Fright

Discover how your perceptions put the fright into stage fright and learn how to overcome this by using simple exercises.

Establish Rapport Easily

Promote trust and comfort in difficult situations smoothly by learning to match your communication output to the way the other person inputs information, thus enhancing your motivational and leadership qualities.

Communicate With Precision

Learn to identify negative, energy draining communication patterns and what you can do to avoid them. Learn constructive communication skills that will enable you to understand how other people understand, and help them understand you.

Persuade Ethically And Responsibly

Discover the power of using metaphors and embedded suggestion in combination with good old Dale Carnegie wisdom to influence people without giving offense or arousing resentment.

Give An Effective Presentation

Know that in any given situation you have a format ready to use that's tried and tested for public speaking. Be prepared to give an impromptu speech, accept an award or introduce a speaker with ease.

Take The Sting Out Of Criticism

Learn how to inspire and encourage people to use more favorable behaviors with the gentle use of appropriate feedback.

Conduct Quality Meetings

In a one-on-one or conference setting learn how to save time discussing problems by using just four problem solving questions. Learn what key organizational features are needed to assure efficiency and how to choose criteria that will allow you to assess the effectiveness of each meeting.

Use Your Time Line To Your Advantage

Discover the methods you use to store your experiences through time and learn how alterations in how you do this can facilitate significant personal change.

Do The Magic-Dot Self-Hypnosis Technique

Use this trance technique to install resources you would like to recall at will in future situations automatically and easily.

Disarm Verbal Anger And Hostility

Diffuse the attack by aligning yourself with the attacker's momentum and redirecting the resistance.

Deal With Shame And Guilt

In a context- and content-free frame, be guided through a safe and respectful procedure that utilizes visualization to heal the toxic consequences of shame and guilt without disclosure. The desired outcome is a more balanced response that is congruent with the Golden Rule.

Break A Stimulus Response Pattern

Change your internal state and gain greater emotional control with the use of classic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques designed for a variety of response patterns.

Unlearn A Fear Response

Be guided through a seven step visualization that will enable you to unlearn your fear no matter how long you may have had it. It's so simple to do, disclosure of the fear itself is unnecessary; so if you're 6'1' and 175 lbs., you needn't reveal that the source of your absolute fright is the dreaded itsy bitsy spider. Your secret remains safe with you!