Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is a designed alliance between a coach and student for the purpose of fostering success skills in an educational environment. It is an individualized process that facilitates goal clarification and achievement. The purpose of academic coaching is to stimulate and motivate students toward their scholastic goals by providing structure, support and feedback.

How Can Your School Benefit From Coaching?

  • enhanced effectiveness of student support services
  • increased scholastic achievement scores
  • decreased student absenteeism and increased class participation
  • a superior and more comprehensive scope of services offered
  • improved student/teacher relationships

How Can Your Students Benefit From Coaching?

  • enhanced self-esteem
  • better study habits
  • improved social and communication skills
  • increased motivation
  • greater scholastic accomplishment
  • less struggle with and more enjoyment of their educational experience
  • fuller development of accountability and responsibility

How Can Coaching Work At Your Educational Institution?

Staff Coaching

Guidance counselors, teachers, resident assistants, academic advisors and other staff “co-engineer” coaching partnerships, building stronger student/school relationships and furthering academic excellence.

Peer Coaching

Students coach one another through “designed alliances” created to foster support and respect for learning, resulting in a rich and rewarding educational experience.

What Are Some of the Things Students Accomplish with Coaching?

  • efficicent time management
  • improved organization
  • sustained motivation
  • effective planning and scheduling practices
  • development of proactive behaviors
  • regular practice of goal setting and goal clarification activities
  • academic and social balance
  • increased self knowledge of learning style
  • implementation of healthier wellness habits
  • development of self discipline
  • elimination of fear of failure
  • development of success skills for coping with ADD and other learning differences
  • continued personal and academic growth
  • ability to move out of “comfort zone”
  • renewed excitement and curiosity for learning

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