Coach Sandy's Favorite Tips!

On Time Management:

Exercise routinely! Most individuals who don’t exercise routinely say they don’t exercise because they don’t have time to exercise. Those who exercise routinely find that they have more time. Most report the quality of their sleep is improved and they need less sleep. This adds time to their day! They have more energy and get things done quicker. This adds time to their day! They are more focused at work and are more efficient. This adds time to their day! I know when I don’t get out and pound the pavement, it can take me an hour to write a simple letter instead of 15 minutes! The president exercises routinely and I doubt too many of us are busier than him. The best benefit of exercise has to do with the amount of time you think you have each day, as we all have the same amount and can not change that. It has to do with the quality of that time. You will be more relaxed and less stressed!

On Procrastination:

Get a coach! I’m a coach and I know about these things. they work! You don’t have to pay someone like me. Ask a friend to coach you. Use the H.O.P.E. coaching formula. Coaching provides focus, accountability and sustained motivation! Laying down the coaching ground rules first is a must. Decide how and when you want to be coached. Some like a hard line approach. We in the biz call it “Rambo Coaching”. Some prefer the “June Cleaver Approach”. No matter what the style, love and respect are a must. Co-engineering the process with well defined guidelines beforehand, benefits both the coach and the coachee. Oh, I almost forgot. the most important thing is to have fun!

On Stress Management:

Breathe . . .  Most people are unaware that the first thing they do when things begin to get tense, is hold their breath, or change their breathing pattern in some way. Continuing to breathe deeply and evenly is about the best thing you can do for yourself in a stressful situation. Learning the RRT (Relaxed Response Technique) and the Serenity Prayer are a must for stress management.

On Organization:

Be ruthless. Get rid of things you don’t use. Unless it’s a gown or tuxedo and it hasn’t been worn in a year . . . you guessed it! Give it to some one who will. This rule may also apply to items other than clothing.