Entrepreneurial Consulting

For Your Organizing/Coaching Business


In a warm and supportive environment

Discover for Your Business:

  • Efficient and cost effective ways to advertise.
  • Networking opportunities to build your visibility.
  • Your best method of advertising that’s absolutely free!
  • How to prepare a presentation that will stimulate interest and generate clients.
  • Essential ingredients for a dynamite workshop.
  • Marketing projects that are good for you and your community.
  • How to qualify leads quickly to reduce the time you spend promoting your business and increase the time you spend generating income.
  • How to write a press release that will get attention and publicity.

Discover for Your Clients:

  • How to establish rapport and maintain it.
  • Important questions to ask to focus your client and maintain their focus.
  • Their different learning styles and learning stages to help them become better organized and stay organized using a system that is comfortable for them.
  • Easy to do exercises to motivate your clients and keep them motivated.
  • Different methods of sorting that when utilized appropriately increase an individuals organizational skills dramatically.