Corporate Coaching

Deal With Downsizing And Restructuring.

Avoid Burnout

Invest In Your Best!

Dramatically Reduce/Eliminate:

  • Resistance to innovative expansion and necessary change.
  • Passive/aggressive, obstructive responses.
  • Oppositional defiance to progress
  • Argumentitive/combative power struggling and “reality wars” between hierarchy.
  • Overzealous attachment to “old” coping mechanisms while sabotaging new, flexible coping strategies.
  • Vicious cycling of action-reaction negative self-fulfilling communication.
  • Dichotomous perceptual processing.

Dramatically increase:

  • Harmonic Relations that foster honest and open laser precise communication.
  • Deep emotional and behavioral rapport with fellow professionals and clients.
  • Inspirational encouragement between staff with appropriate use of feedback.
  • Effective decision making done easily and efficiently.
  • Constructive communication skills for quality, problem solving team meetings.
  • Collective, synergistic discovery of resources that can be used to move the institution forward with its mission and vision.